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Our company handles mainly marine products processed frozen foods, frozen seafood and fresh seafood.

Procurement and research of raw materials, development, processing, established sales and food supply chain domestic and international market.

And we have role to provide food culture of Japan into the world.

Our stuffs are specialist of development, seafood and food processing in Asia/South east Asia called food factory of the world.

Doing procurement and research of raw materials, processing and sales, we will visit anywhere such Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, China and Korea if there is a fisheries resource.

We are running around production areas to discover and exploit new fish species.

We aim to without losing freshness from catching to final product that our technical team instruct to each factory.

This is solely to fulfill the greatest mission of commercializing and delivering to customers without losing the inherent taste of marine products.

We focus on the development of products that our customers are looking for not just our development technology in the case of processed frozen foods as well and are working on it every day.

In sales activities, we provide processed products to all over the world, including Japan, North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, and we constantly develop real-time needs and develop products from the consumer's perspective.


SS Food International Co., Ltd. always wants to be a company that takes the same perspective as customers, works together, and proposes products one step ahead.


Please look forward to our efforts in the future.








代表取締役 関川 慎二


SS Food International Co., Ltd.

President Shinji Sekikawa



What's New

  • 中国大連市に大連事務所を開設しました。

 Dalian office opened in Dalian City, China.


  • ベトナムBinh Thuan省にHai Wang Seafood Co., Ltd.との合弁事業にてたこ焼き・油調品・その他冷凍食品工場としてBex Co., Ltd.を設立しました。

  Bex Co., Ltd. has established as a TAKOYAKI and other frozen foods product factory in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam as joint venture with Hai Wang Seafood Co., Ltd.


  • ベトナムHo Chi Minh市にベトナム国内販売、貿易事業を主業としてSS Food Vietnam Co., Ltd.を設立しました。

  SS Food Vietnam Co., Ltd. has established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with domestic sales and international trade business as the main business


  • ベトナム子会社 BEX Co., Ltd. 第2工場(フライ製品加工)稼働開始。

  Vietnam subsidiary BEX Co., Ltd. has started operation of the second factory (Breaded product).